ProMinent DCM2 Controller

ProMinent DCM2 Controller

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ProMinent DCM2 PH & ORP Chemical controller


Features & Benefits

New Brighter OLED display is bright enough for daylight viewing.

Automatic discrete control and low adjustments of chemical dosing pump

Proprietary sensor technology for pH & (ORP or PPM)

Ethernet web-based real-time monitor and control via network-enabled PC, smart phone, iPad or tablet device

Hydraulic compensation via true PID control

Hydraulically advanced flowcell assembly

USB host data log upload port

Estimated 20-25% chemical savings when utilizing ppm instead of ORP


Residential pools Swimming pools Therapy pools

Spray pads

Hot tubs

Ordering Information

DCM 200 - Controller Package for pH, ORP, temperature sensor, HTML server and flowcell mounted on corrosion proof PP back panel.

DCM 2Cl - True PPM Package for pH, Free PPM, temperature sensor, HTML server with flowcell mounted on corrosion proof