P3 Pulsar Chlorine system

P3 Pulsar Chlorine system

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P3 Pulsar Chlorinating Feed System with Booster Pump


Designed specifically for use on commercial pools/spas up to 250,000 gallons..

A 3/4 HP booster pump provides 27 psi through the venturi for optimal evacuation of the chlorinator.

Feeder Specifications

Diameter (max) 19 in. 48 cm

Height 33 in. 84 cm

Weight (empty) 27 lbs. 12 kg


(weight of briquettes) 62 lbs. 28.2 kg

Feed-rate* range (AvCI/day)

minimum 0.5 lbs. 0.2 kg

maximum 120 lbs. 54.6 kg

Feed-rate settings 14 (with optional timer)

*Capacity and Feed Rate controlled by optional timer,

or ORP controller only.