Neptune Benson Defender Filter

Neptune Benson Defender Filter

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Neptune Benson Defender Filter

Regenerative Media Filters (RMF’s) are a more efficient

alternative to sand or D.E. filtration. RMF’s such as the

Neptune-Benson’s Defender® filter use up to 90% less

water, take up a quarter of the space, and use less energy

than traditional sand filters. Regenerative media filters

are also more effective at removing contaminants. The

Defender filter is able to remove particles as small as 1

micron from water while traditional sand filters generally

only remove particles in the 20 micron range.


The Defender Regenerative Media Filter achieves the highest

quality of water by removing particles down to 1 micron.

This is 20 to 30 times fi ner than sand. Benefi ts include:

• Extension to the life of the filter

• Unsurpassed water quality

• Improved UV disinfection performance

• Up to 30% chemical consumption savings

• Controls turbidity to levels better than those

required for drinking water.